July 2005 Equipment Round-Up - Motors and Drives

Our Motors and Drives product showcase shines a spotlight on the workhorses that keep other equipment going.

Range of hp, voltage

The new E-trAC X4 AC Drive features packaging that sets the standard for AC drive enclosures, as well as a range of customer-driven power ratings. The X4 is available in models from 1 hp to 10 hp. Supported voltages include 115, 230, 460 and 575 VAC. The drive is dual-rated for normal- and heavy-duty applications. Normal-duty ratings enable overloading the X4 to 120 percent for one minute and up to 150 percent for momentary overloads in either constant or variable torque configurations. Heavy duty operation provides 150 percent overload capacity, with derating, for the most demanding jobs.

TB Wood’s; Chambersburg, Pa.
717-264-7161; www.tbwoods.com

Fractional hp

The ACS50 is a new series of component drives, rated from .25 to 1 hp, which open new markets not typically operated with an AC drives, according to the vendor. The component drives give precise control in applications such as packaging machines, conveyors, pumps and fans and are substitutes for technologies such as contactors, soft starters, n-speed motors.

ABB Inc.; New Berlin, Wis.
262-785-8339; www.abb-drives.com

Three control methods

The Reliance Electric GV6000 multipurpose industrial AC drive, newest member of the vendor’s AC drive family, comes standard with an easy-to-use operator interface module to provide metering, programming and operator control. Three standard methods of control are incorporated in the drive: general purpose (V/Hz), sensorless vector control and flux vector control with or without encoder feedback. The variable-speed drive is offered in seven frame sizes with capability ranging from 0.5 to 200 hp at 480V; 240V and 600V input voltages also are available.

Rockwell Automation; Greenville, S.C.
864-281-2171; www.reliance.com

Larger display

The H2 includes a larger graphical display that has been added to the standard keypad to increase the functionality of the operator control. In addition to multiple lines of display and selectable text sizes, the new keypad offers more keys and faster navigation with directional arrows and enhanced soft programming keys. Initially, the horsepower range will be from 1 through 60 hp. In the coming months, stock H2 drives will range to 450 hp, and custom-design units through 1,500 hp.

Baldor Electric Co.; Fort Smith, Ark.
479-646-4711; www.baldor.com

Sheds water like a duck

Stock DC Washguard products are designed and manufactured to provide enhanced performance in wet and humid areas. Both the motors and gearmotors meet IP55 environmental conditions. The product offers face or base mounting on motors only, and face mounting on integral gearmotors. Maximum horsepower rating is up to ¼ at 2,500 rpm. Motors operate at either SCR 90 V or battery operated 12 V. Standard equipment includes 300 Series stainless steel output shafts on the motors and right-angle gearmotors, double O-rings, spring-loaded lip seals, immersion-proof breather and sealed bearings in the motors. Typical applications are in material handling, food processing and packaging.

Leeson Electric; Grafton, Wis.
262-377-8810; www.leeson.com

Servomotors advance

New Kollmorgen AKM servomotors offer an advanced electromagnetic design. They are UL, cUL and TUV listed and carry the CE mark. The motors are available in more than 12,000 standard offerings and are wound with non-overlapping coils, reducing the potential for phase-to-phase shorting. They are also potted and IP65 sealed to provide durability in harsh applications. The motors are available in multiple frame sizes and have multiple connectivity and feedback options, as well as shaft seals and integral brakes. They have a continuous torque range from 0.2 to 53 Nm and can provide speeds to 8,000 rpm. Additionally, they are insulated for both 240 VAC and 480 VAC with winding options for low voltage DC, 120 VAC, 240 VAC, 400 VAC or 480VAC systems.

Danaher Motion Inc.; Rockford, Ill.
866-316-8437; www.danahermotion.com

Setting the pace

Pacesetter is a family of AC inverter duty motors, gearmotors and AC variable speed controls. The five-stage insulation system is designed to meet NEMA MG 1. The inverter-grade magnet wire and Class F insulation offer protection against spikes and corona damage caused by the inverter. Pacesetter gearmotors are UL recognized for construction, CSA certified and in compliance with the Low Voltage Directive CE. Motors and gearmotors are rated from 1/25 – ¾ HP, 230 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase for operation with a wide range of inverter products.

Bodine Electric Co.; Chicago
800-726-3463; www.bodine-electric.com

Testing, testing

The DynoLab LT offers the test control and data acquisition capabilities required for basic electric motor testing as well as all of the benefits of an AC motoring dynamometer. It offers a fixed I/O configuration optimized for basic electric motor testing. The system has provisions for measuring speed and torque, and optional voltage and current supply to the motor under test. From this data, the system is able to calculate values such as input and output power and efficiency.

Sakor Technologies; Okemos, Mich.
517-332-7256; www.sakor.com

Inverter for conveying

The Movitrac LTE frequency inverter is a system designed to meet the size and startup constraints that industrial applications typically place on frequency inverters. It is suited for applications that include fan and ventilation systems (HVAC), pumps, conveying, and material handling systems. The inverter comes equipped with predefined parameter settings and a user-friendly integrated control unit for standard applications. Its "plug in and drive" operation eliminates cost-intensive and time-consuming startup procedures.

SEW Eurodrive; Lyman, S.C.
864-661-1263; www.seweurodrive.com

Reduced voltage starter

The sixth generation SSW06 reduced voltage motor starter has been designed to include all of the features required in today’s industrial environment. These features allow for simple set-up and programming to meet the unique needs of each application. The microprocessor-based system provides constant monitoring of the AC motor and quick response to protect the soft starter and AC motor from all real-world industrial situations. Designed to be used with all international voltages, 220-575 V, the SSW06 initially is available from 30-350 hp with higher horsepower units up to 1,400 A available in late 2005.

WEG Electric Motors Corp.; Suwanee, Ga.
800-275-4934; www.wegelectric.com

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