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4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix Full of Vitamins and Flavor

These on-the-go drink mixes are packed with vitamins and full of flavor

4C, Brooklyn, N.Y., introduces 4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix, the newest way to take your vitamins. Packed with vitamins and full of flavor, these convenient on-the-go drink mixes are great for those watching their waistlines since they have zero calories and no sugar. Simply add one full package to 1/2 liter of bottled water and go!

Flavors include: Vision, a blend of strawberry and kiwi, with lutein, vitamins A and C and essential B vitamins; Reboot, passionfruit and citrus flavors, recharged with guarana, vitamins C,B3, B5, B6, B12; and C-Drive, dragonfruit and acai along with taurine, vitamin C, zinc, chromium, plus antioxidants and essential B vitamins.

"Now with Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix it's easy for a woman on the go to get the benefit of vitamins while enjoying a great tasting beverage wherever she is," says Vice President Sally McCracken. "And since Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix are sweetened with Splenda, you can add its great taste to your own bottle of water without adding calories or sugar."

Suggested retail price for a package of 14 is $5.69.

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