Cal-Sistent Micronized Tricalcium Phosphate

ICL chocolateConsumers know calcium is important for bone and teeth health. Cal-Sistent micronized Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP) from ICL Performance Products helps manufacturers provide calcium fortification without altering the well-established tastes or mouth feel of consumers’ favorite foods and beverages. Produced through a unique manufacturing process, a minimum of 95 percent of Cal-Sistent’s TCP particles are less than 20 microns. The small particle size makes Cal-Sistent ideal for products with a well-established taste or mouth feel because it is non-detectable in the human mouth, exhibits excellent suspension properties and does not affect product flavor. Cal-Sistent delivers a calcium content of 38 percent and calcium to phosphorus ratios equivalent to those in human bones. The calcium and phosphorus work synergistically to help prevent osteoporosis.

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