FoodBiz Kids: Near-Unanimous Praise for Ultragrain Pasta

Ultragrain Pasta from ConAgra Mills scores big for our 7th and 8th grade testers.

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Angel Giordano, 7th grade:
It tastes healthy, and looks appealing because it has a cool design. Before I knew it was healthy, it tasted like normal pasta. This would attract health-conscious people. It also would appeal to workers who bring their lunch to work because it is a home cooked meal that is made very quickly. One thing, it needs more pasta.

Lexi McOwen, 7th grade:
I really like the taste of the pasta. When I tried it, I thought it was normal white pasta, but after that I found out it is Ultra Grain pasta. I was surprised something that tasty could be healthy. But there is too much sauce for the amount of pasta. The sauce tastes really good and so does the pasta.

Mikey Barnett, 7th grade:
The pasta is very good; it tastes like normal pasta. The texture is very nice. I have nothing against this product; it's a home run. I could eat this every day. The sauce is also very good. I would definitely buy this pasta.

Cece Martin, 7th grade:
This is nothing special. I don't really it that much, but it isn't horrible. I think the packaging is good because the sauce is on top of the pasta. But the aftertaste of the pasta isn't good; it is grainy. The sauce is pretty good, so with the sauce it is altogether good.

Ruby Schneider, 7th grade:
When it is first put into the bowl, it looks like regular pasta, but also like mini lasagna. Without the sauce, it tastes fine and has whole grain goodness. But with the sauce, the tomato overpowers with the spice, so you can't really taste the pasta anymore. It does smell good at first. I would recommend this, but without the sauce.

Steven Medina, 7th grade:
I have always been a huge fan of pasta. I've seen lots of noodles, but never any that look like this. It reminds me a lot of amoeba. Unfortunately, it isn't anything special in flavor; it just tastes like regular pasta. Luckily, its package makes it extremely easy to make – pour hot water on it then microwave. It is an easy-to-make meal. I definitely recommend this.

Rakael Fidis, 7th grade:
The pasta tastes pretty plain by itself, but with sauce it tastes much better! I probably would buy it, or my mom would. The packaging is very plain. The sauce makes the pasta much better; it could use a bit more spice. I'm a vegetarian, so I wouldn't eat the meatballs, but I ate as much as I could of the sauce. It is pretty good. I would definitely buy it.

Daniela Flores, 7th grade:
The pasta is good and it's easy to make and open. It tastes like any other regular pasta. You can eat it with tomato sauce and basically any other condiment. It's flexible and it can probably melt right in your mouth, but you do have to chew it a little. Even little kids can eat this pasta. It's healthy because it has grain in it. The package has a plastic lid, and you can put it in the microwave and add water. A kid can do that with adult supervision. It's like a fast dinner food. It's perfect for when you are in a rush, and is great for kids.

Devonte Elcock, 7th grade:
The pasta is soft. All I got was one noodle. It tastes good, but still no sauce. And that's all I've got to say because I didn't get any sauce and that is bogus. Sorry for that, but one noodle only – come on now!

Micaela Homer, 7th grade:
The pasta is very comparable to regular, boiled pasta and much like it with a bland flavor. But add the great sauce, and pow! The meal is transformed. The shape of the pasta holds the sauce nicely. The sauce is flavorful and has surprise meatballs! The only problem is that the portions are definitely not big enough for an average meal. The packaging is the only thing that shows it isn't just like, if not better, than traditional pasta.

Reginal Murphy, 7th grade:
All I have to say is it is off the chain. Everthing is perfect. The texture is phenomenal. I will be buying this in the store. You really hit it big on this one.

Bella Castilla, 7th grade:
I like the pasta because it tastes good and it's healthy. I like the tomato sauce because it is sweet and has tasty meatballs in it. I think it would appeal to families who like good taste, but want to start eating healthy. I like the packaging because it looks like it will taste -- healthy. I like the smell of the tomato sauce because it's warm and sweet.

Tatyana Young, 7th grade:
The pasta tastes so good; it is the best pasta you would ever taste. The only problem is the sauce. I think it tastes better without it. If you go to the store and look for pasta, you should buy this pasta.

Khaled Yehia, 7th grade:
The pasta is great. You have a big hit. The flavor blows up in your mouth. The shape looks good and the packaging looks yummy. And it has a taste you can't explain; it is great.

Cia Brooks, 7th grade:
Ultra Grain Pasta is very tasty and tender. The meatballs bring the tang or the most flavor to the entrée. The package on the outside isn't very exciting; it doesn't scream, “buy me.” It's very enjoyable, and I will buy this product.

Wali Deutsch, 7th grade:
I loved this product. The tangy tomato sauce has a great flavor and really complements the pasta. This is a great product for lunch at school or work. The packaging is very appealing to the eye and it is very useful and convenient. I love it. By the way, it has great portion size.

Gabrielle Linares, 7th grade:

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