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Equipment Round Up: Cutting and Size Reduction 2010

Our March 2010 round up will cut through all of the questions you have about cutting and size reduction equipment.

Slice 'em and dice 'em
The TranSlicer 2510's features, including easy maintenance, increased positive product flow and decreased operational costs, make it a popular choice in cutting and size reduction. The slicer accepts products with an input of compressible food products up to 8 in. (203mm) in diameter, or firm, round products such as cabbage up to 6-3/4 in. (171mm) in diameter (larger cabbage heads if cut in half). A 3 HP stainless steel dynamic brake motor enables smooth operation of the cutting wheel while a discharge chute simplifies product flow and deters product damage. The slicer also offers hinged compartments and panels to ease maintenance and reduce cleaning time.
Urschel Laboratories; Valparaiso, Ind.

Belgian cheese cutter
The vendor worked closely with its Belgian partner, FAM, to design a machine that would comply with the most stringent food safety regulations and be USDA accepted. The resulting FAM Hymaks Dicer/Strip-Cutter is a high-capacity, high-precision food cutting machine that is designed to handle a wide range of applications ranging from large blocks of soft, semi-hard or processed cheeses such as mozzarella, monterey jack and provolone. Blocks can be square, rectangular, or cylindrical.
Deville Technologies Inc.; Montreal

Chicken chop quicky
AccuSizer portion classifiers are designed for in-motion sizing and distribution of a wide variety of poultry items, including fresh or quick-frozen products. The 9-in. classifier model is designed for handling items such as breast filets and butterflies, wings, tenders, drums, thighs, whole legs and other smaller food portions weighing less than 2 lbs. and shorter than 10 in. length. The classifiers are engineered for cost-effective operation with a user-friendly interface. Equipment operators can size up to 180 portions per minute, with a tolerance of +/- 1.0 grams at one standard deviation for even the smallest pieces
Gainco; Gainesville, Ga.

Take a bite
The Chunk and Bit is a roller-style granulizer designed specifically for reducing food products to the ideal size for inclusion in ice cream, yogurt and other mix-in products. The special roll corrugations reduce the size of granola, cookies, biscuits and other dry products in a single pass with minimal production of fines or dust. Designed for high changeover operations, the granulizer can be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled in less than 10 mins. The design eliminates pockets and crevices that can accumulate product and provides tool-free access to all grinding areas. Typical capacities range from 200-4,000 lbs./hr., depending on the grind size setting.
Modern Process Equipment; Chicago

De-lumps and improves product flow
The Heavy-Duty Lump Breaker is designed to provide a simple, economical method of reducing compacted materials into a smaller, granulated product required for most processing or packaging lines. This lump breaker de-lumps and improves product flow for a variety of applications, such as sugar, salt, cereal, cookies, flour and pasta. It may also be used to reduce natural agglomeration, which may occur during storage/shipping, or reduce material deliberately compacted in densification processing.
Prater-Sterling; Bolingbrook, Ill.

Single shaft shredding
Three single shaft shredders are available with different rotor types for flexible processing. Each rotor is equipped with square cutters (60 mm) for efficient cutting and are reversible for quick changes. Serrated ram plates hold the product into the rotor, making processing large awkward pieces easier. A sturdy “swing-style” ram minimizes space and allows product to fall into the rotor. Outboard mounted bearings reduce contamination. A large 29.5-in. (750mm) diameter rotor ensures positive ingestion. Bolted-in cutter seats allow for easy removal and maintenance. The low speed rotor (54 RPM) transmits high cutting torque for tough applications.
Sterling; New Berlin, Wis.

Specialty blades
IBS food processing blades are designed to outperform competitive blades by employing the highest manufacturing and quality control standards in their design and production. They start with a wide range of the highest grade stainless steels and alloys, then add proprietary processes in blanking, laser cutting, heat treating, grinding and polishing to ensure superior cutting performance of each blade. Manufactured in facilities with ISO 9001:2008 plant certification.
Hyde IBS; Southbridge, Mass.