Food Processing Website: New and Improved

Form follows function with new website management system

By Erin Hallstrom Erickson, Digital Development Manager

The phrase 'form follows function' is typically reserved for architecture and industrial design; however, I'm making an exception and applying the term to improvements we've made on

If you haven't visited the site in a while, you definitely should do so now. While neither the URL, nor the look of the site has changed, what has changed are a few new features that will make your website experience even better:

  • I'm most excited to reveal that all of our website visitors can comment directly on every single web page on our site. Whether an article, a blog post or a product post, all visitors who are logged in to the site can leave comments on our content.
  • The commenting capability will be especially helpful on our newly redesigned blogs. Keep up with the Food Processing team's Scoop blog at While you're there, be sure to click on the RSS feed link on the right to keep up with all of our latest musings. (or enter this link into your favorite feed reader:
  • Our internal search engine is a lot more user-friendly. You can now sort our material by author, topic type, content type, date and much more.
  • Our navigation bar on the top of the website (that large purple section with the tabs) is more user-friendly. We've made a few adjustments that make finding the content you're interested in even easier.
  • Our interactive list of the Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies received a very user-friendly makeover. Each year now has its own URL (you can see the 2013 list at This may seem like small potatoes to some, but for those readers who reference these lists and route them around, this change is huge.

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