Food Biz Kids: PUR's Exclusive Gum Appeals to Everyone

Aspartame may sound strange to kids, but it won't stop them from chewing PUR's vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, nut-free, aspartame-free gum.

Alexa L, 10th grade: What is aspartame? I think the company might want to explain what it is. I understand that there isn’t aspartame in PÜR gum, but I don’t know what it is. I liked the peppermint flavor a lot. It tasted like most gum out there, but the difference is how healthy this one sounds. It’s good that the company can create a product to be gluten-free, vegan and aspartame-free while making it taste like any other gum. I think most health-conscious people would buy this.

Adam D, 11th grade: The packaging and the name are what most caught my eye about this product. The packaging is simple, with a nice blue and a white background. It is what it’s called … “PÜR. I liked the flavor like I like any other spearmint gum. It was refreshing, but this didn’t last for very long. The flavor died out very quickly. I would probably not buy this product just for that reason.

Joey M, 12th grade: I chew gum on a daily basis and this was one of the better types I have had. I loved reading about all the health benefits. The packaging was simple yet tasteful. The white and green are very bold together. I think most people would buy this product… especially after reading that it is so healthy.

Morgan R, 10th grade: This gum was unlike most. I tried Spearmint PÜR gum. I loved the flavor, but I feel like it went away very quickly. The packaging is straightforward and crisp. It has a nice font, and you see it as a natural look; I think the company probably wanted to keep it simple to show the product is simple. The thing I don’t really like about this gum is how quickly it hardens. However, I was really attracted by all the health benefits: non-GMO, dairy-free, diabetic-friendly, vegan, gluten-free. It really opens up a wide range of consumers.

Keeley S, 10th grade: I tried spearmint and it was very strong! I would describe it as refreshing; I also like how fast you get the flavor. The smell is strong, which is a good thing because gum is supposed to rid your mouth of bad smells. The packaging is meaningfully plain; it reflects the product because it is called PÜR. It has a bright green font that draws you in and lets you know the flavor is spearmint. I would say anyone would buy this product because it is basic enough to appeal to all ages.

Reesie S, 9th grade: This gum has a very cooling taste. The flavor is evident when it is first chewed. The packaging is very basic; it looks like any other kind of gum package. Since a lot of people chew gum, I could see most people enjoying this gum.

Charlotte O, 10th grade: I would buy this! I think it has a very wide target audience because it is for anyone who wants fresh breath. The packaging is something that looks like it is for adults; it isn’t fun enough for teens and kids. The gum smells fresh and makes me want to chew it right away. I don’t taste any real flavor in the gum, but it is still good.

Clara O, 7th grade: The smell reminds me of a candy cane. I want to chew it right away after smelling it. The packaging is bright green; the color that mint is. Anyone who likes gum would buy this product. I would buy it because it is different than typical gum brands. I love the taste. It isn’t too much to handle but it is sweet and fresh.

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