Comedy Central and Frito-Lay Team up for South Park Cheesy Poofs

Be still my South Park-loving heart. According to an article I found on the Reuter's news service, Comedy Central is teaming up with Frito-Lay to bring to life South Park's most loved snack: Cheesy Poofs

As a long-time watcher of the show, I've always imagined Cheey Poofs were similar to Cheeto's cheese puffs. Apparently now I'll get to find out myself. The Comedy Central/Frio-Lay duo will produce 1.5 million bags of 'poofs' which will be available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. 

According to the Reuter's story, Cheesy Poofs are being manufactured by Frito-Lay and will cost $2.99 for 2-and-3/8-ounce bag.

Yes, the price tag is a little high and I'm sure there will be scorns of angry parents wanting to wage war over a product loved by an irrational (albeit fictional) 10 year old, but for long-time fans such as myself, this is like Christmas come early. I'll be searching my local Wal-Mart for these poofs if only to get a nibble of what Cartman has been raving about all these years.