Delicious McCormick Spices make Rosemary-Baked Chicken with Potatoes a Treat at Home

Rosemary Chicken and PotatoesTrue to my word, I have officially embarked on the Erin/Food Processing project. If you recall, my plan was to try and cook at least one recipe per new food product or ingredient(s) that cross my foodie desk. 

First up: Rosemary-Baked Chicken with Potatoes a la McCormick's spices. McCormick sent me a few of their Mediterranean-inspired spices a few weeks ago and I was eager to try out this particular recipe. 

Born and raised in the Midwest, I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. Despite my boring food upbringing, I love Mediterranean flavors. I have yet to find a Rosemary or Paprika-infused dish I don't like. 

What you see to the right is my version of McCormick's recipe. (Pardon the spills on the plate -- the natives were getting restless for dinner.)

My dinner guinea pigs last night included none other than my very own picky-eater 8 year old and my even pickier 13 year old. I'm happy to say, they both liked this dish. My 8 year old was a little put off by all of the spices, but he liked it nonetheless. Same for my 13 year old. 

Collectively, my kids and I give this 4 out of 5 E's. 

McCormick, you did a good job inspiring this wanna-be gourmand to cook more Mediterrean fare. I'm planning on holding on to these receipes for future inpsiration. 

(Unfortunately, I can't find the recipe on McCormick's website in order to share it with everyone, but if you're curious, I can get it to you.)