Diary of a Food Processing Website Editor

All of this talk about the 2012 Food Processing Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey has me thinking about my own job as the Digital Editor of FoodProcessing.com.

 Erin's Desk with Ms. M
All I need in life is my Koosh ball, Ms. Brown
and my PopChips buttons.

I don't know of many jobs where you get to read and write about all of the new foods and beverages only to then go out and taste them at trade shows. 

True, I do sit at a computer most of the day and my laptop is practically tethered to me at all times, but it's hardly worth complaining about. 

Inquisitive by nature, I maybe should have been a jobs reporter because hearing about what other people do stimulates my mind the way food does my tastebuds. 

Our Salary and Job Satisfaction survey is fascinating to me for preceisly that reason. I anticipate the results as much as the industry does.

There are so many diverse food industry careers that one would need to start in infancy to accomplish a portion of what there is to offer. At least that's the impression I get from the articles I read and post and the our Food Industry Job Board

If you work in the food industry in any way, shape or form, I'm curious to hear about your job. Perhaps, if there are enough responses, I'll draft a blog post or two on the food industry careers I read so much about but don't experience. Drop me a line via email or let me know in the comments what your contribution is to the food and beverage industry and why you like it (or don't!)