New Truvia product offers cost savings for beverage manufacturer

 Wade Schmelzer
Wade Schmelzer
Principal Food Scientist
Cargill Health & Nutrition

Truvia® stevia leaf extract, Cargill's natural zero-calorie sweetener, is a revolutionary way to achieve sweetness in beverages without all the calories. Now, a new product grade, Truvia stevia RA80, is creating opportunities for manufacturers to save on ingredient costs while formulating great tasting reduced calorie beverages.

Truvia stevia RA80 contains 80% rebaudioside A (the best-tasting part of the stevia plant's leaves).  It has performed extremely well for formulators looking to reduce sugar in beverage applications such as juice drinks, sweetened teas, carbonated beverages, dairy-based beverages and alcoholic drinks.  Up to 30% sugar reduction can be achieved, depending on the beverage, while maintaining great taste and flavor relative to traditional full-sugar beverages.

We’re all aware that there is increasing consumer demand to reduce sugar and calories in foods and beverages, but as formulators, we also have to consider the rising market prices for traditional, nutritive sweeteners, high-intensity sweeteners and other ingredients while working to create reduced sugar products.  Sugar reduction using Truvia stevia RA80 provides a unique opportunity for manufacturers to naturally reduce sugar in products while potentially offering ingredient cost savings up to 20%.*

In our experience, we have been able to reduce25% to 30% of the sugar in many beverage applications with Truvia stevia RA80 with no difference in taste—and without incorporating additional masking agents or enhancers. Higher levels of sugar reduction and no-sugar added beverages are also possible using Truvia stevia.   If the goal is to reduce the sugar to, say, 40%, some basic modifications in formulation may be necessary. Cargill's applications team has extensive expertise developing new products or modifying existing beverage formulations using Truvia stevia.

Call on Cargill's knowledge in sugar and calorie reduction in beverages using Truvia stevia RA80 to work on cutting your development and formulation costs. 

*Actual cost savings will depend on the application, the current sweetener used in the application and customer sugar reduction goals. Outcomes could range from a cost increase to a significant cost savings.

Wade Schmelzer is a principal food scientist with Cargill Health & Nutrition. He has been with Cargill for 11 years.