Happy National Jerky Day!

Sorry, I got busy yesterday and didn't get to blog. And I had my subject all planned out. Yesterday was National Jerky Day. I meant to celebrate in print, as I'm sure the rest of country was doing in person.

At least, that's according to Link Snacks Inc., maker of Jack Link's meat snacks. To commemorate National Jerky Day - celebrated annually on June 12, the company claims—Jack Link's "showered more than 1,000 bags of jerky across the Great Plains of Nebraska" and donated more than 33,000 bags of jerky to fans and charities across the country.

Jack Link's offers video proof of "Operation Sky Meat" at www.jacklinks.com/the-wild-side/national-jerky-day.aspx#. Or at least proof that one baseball field, at Bellevue University, Bellevue, Neb., was the recipient of beef jerky and other meat snacks dropped from a helicopter. And whether or not it was a national holiday, the company claims Wisconsin (Jack's home state), Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota made National Jerky Day proclamations.

So a belated Happy National Jerky Day. The card is in the mail.