Are you BlackBuried?

Chicago ad agency Cramer-Krasselt compiled its third Annual Cramer-Krasselt Cultural Dictionary. More than just a collection of words, it reflects the events, trends, and language that show us where we've been and where we're going. Many words that appear on this site reflect our new sense of responsibility and uncertainty, while others prove that given all that we've been through and despite how we've changed, Americans are still holding on to their optimistic spirit.

Someone in a constant state of paranoia over global warming is suffering from Ecochondria. Bored, pompous Brits, shrugging off their responsibility for colossal destruction show Sindifference. But those optimists, who believe in the best possible outcome, have Hopetimis. We have become Zombified, the phenomenon of zombies replacing vampires as the menacing mythical creature we love to fear, featuring them in everything from movies to social media movements. FOMS(Fear of missing something) happens when people are without their mobile device or Internet. A Tweeva is a tween, who likes spa and beauty treatments, and Twittercation means you are taking a vacation from Twitter. And one can't help but laugh at Apphole, Jon Stewart's term for Apple after a search warrant was issued to search the home of a tech blog writer who wrote about a highly secretive iPhone prototype that was accidentally left behind at a bar by an Apple employee.

The last couple years have taught us many lessons, one being that each of us needs to take responsibility for the future. In the past, the focus was on environmental sustainability, but today, Holistic Sustainability encompasses more. We now seek longevity, durability and authenticity in not just products and food, but also in our relationships, government policies, and finances. Moving forward, holistic sustainability will mean building our lives with sound foundations.

And specifically for the food industry, Mancake (not to be confused with beefcake) refers to the trend of integrating more masculine flavors and concepts into baked goods, like bacon-topped cupcakes.