Build a better mousetrap

Wasabi flavored sorbet, powdered peanut butter, beer with nicotine and hot dogs coated with yogurt were among 2007's worldwide build a better mousetrap innovations, as determined by Naples, N.Y.-based Datamonitor's Productscan Online database. Each launch offers new to the world product benefits with the potential to change or shape consumer packaged goods markets worldwide. Convenience was a key theme in 2007 as were new product innovations aimed at the kids market. In the food and beverage area, 2007's search uncovered unique new entries like Bilk, which manages to combine beer and milk for the first time, a new concept in Japan.  New in Germany, NicoShot Beer is touted as the world's first nicotine-infused beer to help smokers control cravings. JT Fragra Functional Water from Japan refreshes the breath and leaves a pleasant fragrance of citrus fruit in the mouth. Officially referred to as a near water by virtue of its 1% juice content, Fragra uses an active ingredient called linalool, a natural substance occurring in lemons, oranges and other citrus fruit, for breath freshening. Now it's possible to enjoy customization in a packaged product with Tetley's Twistea Tea On The Go.  New in the UK, Twistea features a Tetley teabag locked into a plastic cup.  The consumer simply adds boiling water and twists the lid of the cup to customize the taste of the product and achieve the desired strength.  The teabag remains in the cup and does not need to be disposed of separately. Innovative products from the U.S. include: Swiss Miss Pick-Me-Up Hot Cocoa Mix.  This new version contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee plus as much calcium and vitamin D as a glass of milk to offer the best of all worlds; Organic Batter Blaster Pancake & Waffle Batter. Packaged in an aerosol can, you can spray the refrigerated pancake or waffle batter into the pan, and voila "organic, light and fluffy pancakes as well as light and crisp waffles in just minutes, fun for the whole family and easy cleanup." Popsicle SlowMelt Long Lasting Pops lasts longer than ordinary pops to reduce drips and sticky fingers, and are also good for you as they contain fruit juice, vitamin C and feature natural colors and flavors. Five innovative non-food concepts in the U.S. also made the list. Children's Benadryl Perfect Measure Pre-Filled Single Use Spoons consists of pre-measured, pre-filled spoons filled with Children's Benadryl that are great for on-the-go relief.  There is also an Allergy variety KidKupz Candy-Coated Medicine Dispensing Cups. Designed to take the ick out of sick with a candy coated rim that makes almost any medicine taste better, KidKupz come in a variety of flavors including Sour Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon. Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System Flavor Cartridges, a way to get flavored water right from the tap mounts on a regular water faucet.  Whenever you feel like adding flavor -- like Peach or Raspberry -- to a drink, just push the dispenser. The more you push; the more flavor is added to your glass.  Each cartridge provides up to 75 servings of flavor without any sugar, calories or dyes.  Air Wick FreshSweep 2 in 1 Broom with Air Freshener is a broom equipped with a Stick-Ups air freshening disc that helps disperse the air freshener and make rooms smell fresh and clean every time you sweep. The broom's Stick-Ups air freshener is refillable and comes in fragrances like Fresh Waters and Crisp Breeze. And here's another great idea. Nature Made Rx Essentials Daily Supplement Tailored To Your Prescription. Nature Made's new line includes Softgels for People Taking Cholesterol Medication like Lipitor, Zocor or Pravachol.  Other supplements are offered for those taking Anti-Depressants, Arthritis Medication, and Diabetes Medication.  Product Scan
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