Cookbooks for kids let them explore new cultures

It is always a pleasure to see a clever and useful idea become a reality. Wandering the aisles at the International Home + Housewares Show, I found a series of five international cookbook kits for children (3 to 14). Published by the Handstand Kids Cookbook Co., Los Angeles, each cookbook kit is uniquely packaged with a cooking accessory.

Kid chefs can follow along as Felix (a vegetarian), Izzy (a picker eater who loves to cook for his diabetic sister), Ari (who uses her skills to volunteer at kid’s charities), Gabby ((bilingual in both Spanish and English) and Marvin (an aspiring chef) introduce them to the culture, language and cuisines of different countries.


The Handstand Kids Italian Cookbook is packaged in a pizza box with a chef's hat; The Handstand Kids Mexican Cookbook comes in a tortilla bag with a child-sized oven mitt; and The Handstand Kids Chinese Cookbook is packaged in a take-out box with a set of chopsticks. While they learn to make Great Wall of Chicken Lettuce Wraps, kids can learn about the Great Wall of China.


Founder of the company and author Yvette Garfield came up with idea on a very long flight back from India. She wants to introduce children to international foods in a fun and hands-on way, while teaching them to use their new cooking skills to give back to their own communities. 


Each cookbook is $28 and available at,