Easter dining

Thirty-three million Americans are expected to celebrate the Easter holiday by dining out, according to a survey of 1,000 Americans by the National Restaurant Association (NRA). Lunch and dinner are the most popular meals for Easter celebrations, and when it comes to must-have food, more than half of consumers say they will be looking for an Easter buffet on April 24.


The survey also asked if consumers are looking for any "must-have" food items for their Easter meal at a restaurant.  Fifty-one percent of those dining out for Easter this year said their must-have option is a buffet; 39 percent said they have to have ham, 37 percent said pastries are on their list of must-haves, and 27 percent said eggs. Lamb was less popular among the list of must-have food items at 7 percent.


Food and activities for children are the deciding factor for nearly one out of five Easter diners.  Fourteen percent said they would likely choose a restaurant with Easter-related activities for kids, such as egg painting or egg hunting.  Meanwhile, 4 percent of Easter diners say their most important reason for choosing a restaurant for their Easter meal is a restaurant with great kids' menu options.