Fattening up in lean times

This may not feel like a time of plenty, but many American workers’ waistlines are expanding through the weak economy, according to a survey by Chicago-based CareerBuilder, reports the Chicago Tribune.


Conducted online from Feb. 10 to March 2, the survey polled some 4,800 Americans and found that 44 percent gained weight in their current jobs, with 32 percent saying stress was a factor. That’s up from 2009, when 43 percent put on additional pounds. How much did they gain? More than 10 pounds (28 percent)) and more than 20 pounds for 12 percent of respondents. Aside from stress, heavier workloads contributed to unhealthier eating habits. Eating out regularly (50 percent), participating in workplace celebrations and snacking at least twice a day (25 percent) were cited. Only 9 percent use their lunch hour to exercise. Most telling, 49 percent said they gained weight simply by sitting at their desks for most of the day.