Lip-smacking good

Rub on a lip gloss and lose weight, reports MSNBC.  “Always on the lips … never on the hips,” is the promise in ads for the new "Fuze Slenderize Guilt free" lip gloss, available for $18.50. Marketed by Too Faced Cosmetics (hmmm, a company name with a mixed message), the flavored lip gloss claims it can suppress your appetite with the same mix of minerals and ingredients found in Coca-Cola's Fuze energy fruit drinks. Shades (flavors) include Blueberry Raspberry, Strawberry Melon and Dragon Fruit Lime. The lip gloss works because "the skin on the lips is very will ingest some of it," says Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino. “It's playing with nutritional science in a "girly kind of way," he adds. Experts say the fruit-flavored lip gloss may taste good, but don't expect to get skinny hips from shiny lips. "There’s no magic bullet in any of the ingredients,” says Joy Bauer, Today’s nutrition expert and author of "Food Cures" (Rodale, 2007). "If dieting were as easy as putting on lip gloss or downing a drink, we would not be dealing with such an obesity problem, and everybody would be a size 2." A sip for smoother skin Then again, perhaps you can sip your way to smoother skin. Another new entry blurring the lines between beauty, beverages and "girly science" is a line of fruit beverages from Borba Skin Balance. Borba, a Woodland Hills, Cal.-based cosmetics firm, which is partnering with Anheuser-Busch to distribute drinkable skin care products. Its drinks (at about $3 a bottle) promise to do everything from protecting dry skin to fixing wrinkles. Borba won’t reveal specifics about the active ingredients, which appear to be the antioxidant vitamins C and E, but CEO Scott-Vincent Borba insists the nutrients’ benefits are proven.