Moms struggling with finances

Moms, with children under 18, are responsible for feeding 141 million individuals, according to NPD’s National Eating Trends, which has tracked the daily eating habits of Americans since 1980. These moms prepare 290 dinner meals annually, which, collectively, amounts to 10.2 billion dinners prepared by moms in the U.S. each year. While mom makes dinner on most nights, in households without kids under 18, men are more involved in dinner preparation than they are in households with kids under 18.

According to a new survey by NPD, moms are anxious about rising food prices and struggling to stay within a budget in this turbulent economy. Finding enough money to meet their family’s needs is the top concern among moms today and the majority of mom’s aren’t optimistic about improvement in their situation, even in a year’s time.

Moms surveyed say their shopping habits have changed in the past 12 months. Their Top 5 strategies include: Using Wal-Mart of other discount stores; buying less expensive brands; searching store circulars for low prices; and choosing store brands more often.

“Even though moms are trying to save money on groceries, they still want meals that are easy and quick to prepare, and healthy, affordable options for themselves and their families,” says Dori Hickey, product development director at NPD and author of “What’s on the Minds of Moms and How They’re Coping Today,” and the mom of two teenage sons. 

The Top 5 influences on food and beverage choices include: Trying to save money on grocery purchases; want meals that are easy to prepare; trying to eat healthy; need to stay within a food budget; and want meals that are quick to prepare.

Even in this economy, convenience is key.

“What’s on the Minds of Moms and How They’re Coping Today,”