Mountain Dew can changes color

PepsiCo's Mountain Dew, the leading flavored carbonated U.S. soft drink, aims to quench the thirst of consumers with a new can that is one-third larger than their traditional 12-ounce offering, reports Beverage World. But the real news is that the limited edition cans feature color-changing artwork aimed at the brand's target audience nationwide.


When chilled to 46.4° F, the 16-ounce can features an easily recognizable symbol that transforms itself to the distinctive green color of Mountain Dew, thanks to Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), and the specialized inks company. "Mountain Dew was able to use CTI's thermochromic ink to create an interactive experience with their limited-edition can promotion," explains Melanie Edwards, CTI's manager of strategic sales initiatives.  "By incorporating CTI's cold-activated, color-changing ink technology into this special offering, it truly elevates the consumer interaction potential of the beverage package."


CTI's 'thermochromic' inks are temperature-activated and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance package designs such as hiding a message, signaling cold temperatures, indicators of product levels or an extension of the product's brand messaging. "We felt the use of thermochromic inks on these special cans would help drive purchases for our beverages," according to Mike Gottschalk, art director for Mountain Dew. "Innovation in packaging design enhances the credibility of the brand: graphics are one thing, but interesting inks and structural innovation provide a whole new meaning to our successful brand marketing efforts."


So cool!