No kidding around for me

Although I was very tempted to blog today with the headline ‘Kraft Foods merges with Sara Lee,’ I decided I would rather CEOs Irene Rosenberg and Brenda Barnes agree to one-on-one interviews instead of giving me a well-deserved lecture on irresponsible reporting, or worse, a slap upside my head – even if it is April Fools' Day.

No one is certain why pranks on April Fools’ Day began, but in 1983, Boston University professor Joseph Boskin said it was because court jesters and fools told the Roman emperor Constantine that they could do a better job, and he responded by making one of them king for a day, reports the Chicago Tribune. Ha ha, it was an April Fools’ Day joke.



My favorite prank however occurred in 1957, when the BBC reported that Switzerland was experiencing an early spaghetti harvest, and included a video of peasants pulling spaghetti from trees, explaining a uniform length for the spaghetti had been achieved through expert cultivation. Hundreds of people phoned in wanting to know where they could buy spaghetti trees. And I’m not kidding.


Happy April Fools’ Day.