Now, I've heard everything

Fluffy have her own iPad? No, then you might have to share, reports the Huffington Post.

Friskies has developed a line of tablet-optimized gaming apps for cats, soon to be available for iPad and Android. These Games for Cats feature shapes, movements and colors meant to appeal specifically to Fluffy’s senses.

Cats can engage with the tablet's touch screen and bob for digital fish ("Cat Fishing"), paw at moving treats ("Tasty Treasure Hunt") and more ("Party Mix-up"), and don’t worry about damage to your device. Friskies claims that the iPad and Android screens are sturdy enough to withstand kitty’s scratches.

Friskies has also developed an iPhone app called "Here Kitty Kitty" that calls cats with sounds like a tin can opening, a food bag rustling, a bird chirping, and more. You and your cat can amuse yourselves by checking it out on YouTube.