Preparing for Turkey Day

Only 30 percent of households will actually prepare a turkey on Thanksgiving Day, but 82 percent of consumers eat it, according to The NPD Group. NPD finds that typically two households are the guest of another household on Turkey Day, which amounts to an average of nine people at each Thanksgiving table.

“This has been a hectic year and a time of high anxiety, and contrary to popular belief, people don’t turn to food for comfort, they turn to other people,” says Harry Balzer, chief industry analyst and vice president at NPD. “I expect a larger crowd around America’s Thanksgiving tables this year.”

According to Balzer, the standard food fare of turkey, potatoes, vegetables, pie, stuffing, fruit, rolls, salads, and bread will grace tabletops this year. He also points out that the consumption of pumpkin pie on this holiday will make it the second most popular pie in America for the year. Apple pie is number one because people eat it more often.

“With all these great foods and someone else preparing the meal, you’ve got to be thankful,” says Balzer. “But remember that just because you didn’t prepare the meal, doesn’t mean you get away with not cleaning up.”