Sunday most popular day to shop for groceries

A whopping 72 percent of respondents to a Parade Magazine survey if 1,266 Americans conducted by Mori Research say they shop for groceries on Sunday, 92 percent rely on newspapers for money-saving coupons, 89 percent said they cook or prepare a meal on Sunday, compared with 69 percent who eat at restaurants.


Breakfast is the most popular meal to prepare at home on Sunday (91 percent), followed by dinner (86 percent). Women are more likely to cook than men (94 percent vs. 83 percent), but men are just as likely to grocery shop (70 percent vs. 74 percent of women).

"People like Friday because it heralds the weekend," says Brett Wilson, publisher of Parade. "Saturday is less harried but often spent running errands, doing chores, and chauffering the kids to games and appointments. Sunday is the one day of the week when we have more time-for home and family and, of course, food."