There’s a new watch(er) in town

Many consumers are confused about the ingredients contained in the packaged foods they purchase, but they can now go to LABELWATCH.COM with its growing database of over 25,000 brand-name products, and compare the additives, ingredients, and nutritional content contained in their favorite brands. It’s free for everyone to use, and by simply registering online, users can create customized shopping lists made up of the best products for themselves and their families. Founded by Californian Diane Manning, who had a chronic health condition which required eliminating some additives from her diet, the site is meant to help “anyone interested in what they're putting in their (or their loved-one’s) body — pregnant women, health-conscious mothers, and of course anyone with some type of food allergy, autoimmune disease, or any kind of health concern.” The site also contains a Smart Shopping section that offers information about reading labels and food shopping, an in-depth database of Smart Recipe cards and videos, and information about Smart Living as it applies to dieting, beauty, fitness, and natural health. On the site, ingredients are linked to the proprietary ingredient glossary, which is uniquely color-coded for easy understanding. The ingredient glossary was created using information supplied by many reputable sources, including: The National Institutes of Health, Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry, FDA, and Foods Standards Agency UK, among many others. Products that contain no "cautionary" ingredients (as defined by the glossary) are awarded the LABELWATCH Smart Ingredients Seal, a distinguished seal of product excellence.