Touchdown for moms

The Super Bowl has always been thought of as a guy's thing. Despite the fact that 45 percent of the audience is women, almost all the ads run on the broadcast have been targeted to men.  This year, there is going to be a slight change with a number of advertisers running ads specifically created for the some 41.85 million women expected to watch the New England Patriots take on the New York Giants on February 3, reports According to a study by the Marketing to Moms Coalition, 80 percent of mothers plan to watch the Super Bowl and 60 percent do so just for the commercials, even though more than three out of every four don't think the commercials are created with moms in mind as the target audience. "The Super Bowl is an all-American affair, and moms around the country not only organize their families' home-viewing parties, but are the segment of the market that actually purchase most of the products advertised during the game," Teri Lucie Thompson, a board member at Marketing to Moms Coalition, said in a press release. Discussion  Media Post Reaching Moms Nielsen's Guide to the Super Bowl