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Are you a talented inventor who has created a revolutionary food product or product that has to do with food? Did you pour your heart and soul, as well as your resources into making this dream a reality? From microwave popcorn to T.V. dinners and edible flower arrangements, all great ideas start with a dream and Tollbooth TV is looking for people who want to tell their stories for an exciting new show on the Food Network. Producers are not just looking for the successes, but also people who came up with great ideas that despite hard work flew under the radar. This is a chance to tell the world your story and who knows, maybe shed some new light on your product as well as help others learn from your experiences. Contact Geoff Davis gddevil79@gmail.com ... During the United Nations meetings on noncommunicable diseases, food industry and government leaders met on the side to discuss their role in fighting obesity, reports PBS. U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon applauded the biggest food and beverage companies for taking steps to do the right thing. The International Food and Beverage Alliance includes Kraft, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestle, Mars, General Mills, Kellogg's, Ferrero and Bimbo ... A survey of parents found that the majority perceived the terms "fat," "extremely obese" and "obese" to be the most stigmatizing when referring to children with excess body weight, according to a study in Pediatrics, reports BBC Canada. Most parents think terms such as "unhealthy weight," "weight problem" or "overweight" are more motivational for weight loss ... The USDA launched MiPlato, the federal government's new Spanish-language food icon, reports Food Business News. Like MyPlate, MiPlato emphasizes the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy and is supported by consumer messages, including "Make Half Your Plate Fruits and Vegetables." Both MyPlate and MiPlato may be downloaded in PDF and JPG formats by going to ChooseMyPlate.gov ... Walmart executive Wan Ling Martello has been named the next CFO of Nestle and will take the post in April after Jim Singh retires, reports Smart Brief. "For a company of too many 'insiders' at senior level positions, this external perspective and experience could prove to be very useful at Nestle," an analyst said ... In a memo sent to employees, Sara Lee CEO Marcel Smits said he hopes to move the company from Downers Grove, Ill., to Chicago after it splits in two next year, reports the Chicago Tribune ... "We are still looking at options both in the suburbs and in the city," a representative said. "No decision has been made yet." ... Rosemont, Ill.-based U.S. Foodservice unveiled its new corporate name, US Foods, and brand identity reflecting its strategic focus on creating a better food offering and an easier service experience for customers, reports RestaurantNews.com. "Our new name and brand image are a reflection of the many customer-focused improvements now underway at US Foods," said John Lederer, president and CEO. "We traveled the country and listened carefully to what our employees and customers had to say about how we can improve: provide better, more relevant and innovative food choices and make it easier for our customers to do business with us. We believe this is a recipe for mutual success." ... Synergy Flavors acquired Sensus, an Ohio-based natural essence and extract company, which offers flavor lines including coffee, tea, herbs, vegetables and botanicals ... The federal government in Canada is limiting the amount of caffeine in energy drinks to no more than 180 milligrams in a single-serve container, reports the Globe & Mail ... Chocolate Realty Trust has acquired the 105-year-old former Hershey factory in Derry Township, Pa., reports The Patriot-News. Hershey will use a "significant portion" of the space for offices, and the twin smokestacks and "Hershey Cocoa" bushes will remain ... Cocoa production on the Ivory Coast increased by 15 percent this year, to a record 1.48 million tons, reports Associated Press. Good weather was a top factor in increasing yields for the world's leading cocoa producer, which earlier this year saw a ban on exports because of a political standoff ... Some British supermarkets have begun tagging low-priced items such as Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate bars as the economic downturn drives up theft, reports The London Daily Mail. Staff at a UK supermarket using the shoplifting tags estimated that at least one candy bar was stolen every hour ... In two days after its release, the Jell-O iPhone application has been downloaded more than 10,000 times, reports ClickZ. The app lets users create a digital Jell-O cube that dances and wiggles to music from iTunes or the iPhone microphone ... UK-based sushi concept YO!Sushi is crossing the pond and bringing its conveyor-belt operation to the U.S. after a deal was signed to open at least 10 units on the East Coast, reports QSR Magazine. The fast casual, which is known for its sushi-lined belt that snakes around the dining room, will debut at Union Station in Washington, D.C., in early 2012. Richard Pawlowski, owner of The Sushi Co. of North America LLC, which signed the franchise deal, says YO!Sushi is a "very exciting concept" that has "proven itself through the recession." ... Nestle launched a pet-food ad in Austria with high-pitched whistles that can be heard by dogs but not humans, reports the Washington Post. The 23-second ad was created with the help of animal behavior experts, who determined which sounds would get dogs in front of television sets.