Pod Help Us All

I only recently became a regular podcast listener. The drive from my west suburban Chicago home to my northwest suburban office is at least a 45-minute drive each way. That's great if you enjoy the radio or have a great playlist to sing along to, but one can only listen to so much Beyonce, Foster the People, or lovelytheband in one sitting without needing proper brain nourishment. I started listening to podcasts recently for a few reasons: 

  1. A friend of mine launched one and it helps me feel connected to her even though she's miles away from me
  2. When we launched the Influential Women in Manufacturing program, I found Harvard Business Review's Women at Work podcast was filled with so much helpful information for me as a woman with a career, I became an instant subscriber
  3. I love learning about behaviors, the psychology of things, and how we evolve (or don't) throughout the years, so when a friend turned me on to the Beat Your Genes podcast, I was hooked. 

The same team that launched the Influential Women in Manufacturing program is also working on a podcast series about workplace issues that affect everyone: men and women, across generations, in every segment of manufacturing. 

But we could use a little help. As we begin to develop the podcast series, we're conducting market research on our readers' podcast habits. In addition to telling us what topics you enjoy listening to, if you have favorite podcasts you're willing to divulge, let us know that too. If you're feeling really daring, drop us your email address in the last section and you'll be the first to know when we release our first podcast of the series.