Only One Smucker is CEO

March 18, 2011
Richard Smucker will become the sole CEO of the company while his brother, Timothy Smucker, will continue as chairman of the board

J. M. Smucker Co, Orrville, Ohio, announced in March a number of executive appointments. Foremost was that, effective Aug. 16, Richard Smucker will become the sole CEO of the company. He has shared that title with brother Timothy Smucker, who then will continue as chairman of the board.

Other appointments and realignment of responsibilities are effective May 1:

  • Vincent Byrd will assume the role of president and COO, with responsibility for the company's U.S. retail businesses. He has 34 years at Smucker and currently is president of U.S. Retail Coffee.
  • Mark Smucker will take over as president of U.S. Retail Coffee. He is president of special markets.
  • Paul Smucker Wagstaff becomes president of U.S. retail consumer foods, a newly consolidated business area combining the current consumer Smucker's, Jif and Hungry Jack businesses with the oils and baking business.
  • Steven Oakland, current president of Smucker's, Jif and Hungry Jack, will become president of international, foodservice and natural foods.
  • Barry Dunaway, senior vice president of corporate and organization development, will be senior vice president and chief administrative officer, overseeing human resources, legal, corporate development and information services departments.
  • Mark Belgya will continue as senior VP and chief financial officer (CFO), but adding responsibility for internal audit.

The company said the moves are “consistent with the company's long-term succession planning and development of family leadership.”

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