Mintel Reports: Consumers Want Processors to Disclose High Fructose Corn Syrup Usage

Sept. 28, 2010
According to trend-reporter Mintel, consumers 'sweet on HFCS disclosure, but soured by imposed limitations.'
High Fructose Corn Syrup been put under the microscope based on consumers' concerns over what is considered a controversial food additive. A recent request by the Corn Refiners Association to request to change the name from High Fructose Corn Syrup, or HFCS, to 'corn sugar' has come under fire by many consumers. Market researchers at Mintel are reporting that 65% of consumers believe manufacturers or brands themselves should be responsible for disclosing how much HFCS a food or drink contains.Mintel also reported that as far as survey respondents were concerned:
  • 57% believe it should be up to the government to force company disclosure of the amount of HFCS a food or beverage contains
  • 44% state retailers should mandate disclosure
  • 6% think disclosure should not be forced at all
Many consumers believe disclosure is important; however, some seem to draw the line at imposed limitations on HFCS content. Of survey respondents asked:
  • 37% say no one should be responsible for imposing restrictions on how much HFCS can be in any given food or drink product
  • 35% believe the government should limit HFCS content
  • 45% think it should be up to manufacturers
As far as if HFCS/Corn Sugar is healthy, or okay in moderation, of the respondents asked:
  • 64% think HFCS is okay in moderation
  • 46% say they really don’t know enough about HFCS to know if it is good or bad for their health
  • 35% of survey respondents avoid products that list HFCS as any ingredient

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