Chobani Unveils Innovation and Community Center in Twin Falls

Aug. 13, 2019
"World's largest yogurt plant" deepens its R&D effort as well as commitment to employees and community.

Chobani LLC today announced the opening of its Innovation & Community Center in Twin Falls, Idaho, a 71,000-sq.-ft. facility that "promotes a culture of collaboration, creativity, innovation and wellness."

“I’m grateful for the bond we share with the people of the Magic Valley,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO of Chobani. “It is so important that we invest as much time, energy and dedication to the well-being of our people as we do our products. This new Innovation & Community Center makes us more connected to our people, our plant and to our community."

It's a multipurpose facility, home to the company's Global Research & Development Center and employee amenities as well as an open community center.

At more than 14,000 sq. ft., the R&D center encompasses the entire top floor of the building. It features a chef kitchen and coincides with an expansion of the company’s R&D department "as Chobani expands its focus on being a food-focused wellness company."

It also includes:

  • A 7,000-sq.-ft., sun-filled gathering space to be used for town halls, shared meals, daily relaxation and special celebrations.
  • A 2,185-sq.-ft. fitness center to help employees improve their health and reduce stress through exercise, "while enjoying stunning views of the Sawtooth Mountains."
  • Lactation rooms for new mothers.
  • On the ground floor, "in keeping with Chobani’s culture of openness and inclusion, employees of all denominations will find a faith center to pray, meditate and reflect."

Chobani, our 2012 Processor of the Year, is pursuing LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The building was designed to use 30% less water, including a 50% reduction in water usage for landscaping. It uses 25% less energy for lighting, heating and cooling than a typical U.S. office building. Roughly 55% of the construction waste was recycled and diverted from landfills. Over 11,000-sq.-ft. of “smart glass” automatically tints based on the availability of sunlight, providing optimal interior light levels and reducing glare. A skylight at the center of the building will further reduce lighting needs.

Chobani built the world’s largest yogurt plant in Twin Falls in 2013. Ulukaya, a Horatio Alger story, has been generous on many fronts, including giving about 10 percent of the company to its 2,000 or so full-time employees in early 2016.

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