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Cultured Quail? It’s Available in Singapore

April 19, 2024
Australian company Vow this month received regulatory approval from Singapore Food Agency for a rare lab-grown meat.

Australian cultivated meat company Vow won regulatory approval in April from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to sell “the world’s first cultivated quail product” in that country.

Vow’s Quailia product is derived from a rare Japanese quail. It’s been served as a “parfait” at Mandala Club, an exclusive restaurant in Singapore, but now may become more widely available.

Business News Australia reported SFA approval came after more than a year of regulatory assessment. Vow, founded in 2019, is producing more than 100kg of Forged Parfait (a related product) per month and plans to boost production as Forged is launched in more venues across Singapore and globally.

“We’re doing it for a fraction of the capital of the largest cultured meat companies in the world,” according to chief operating officer Ellen Dinsmoor, quoted by Business News Australia.

This is the same company that in early 2023 produced a lab-grown meatball made from “genetic information” of the extinct woolly mammoth.

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