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One Design Center Place, Suite 850, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-368-5000

Executives: Exec. Chairman, Brewer & Founder, Boston Beer Co.: Jim Koch; Brewer & Founder, Dogfish Head: Sam Calagione; Co-Founder, Dogfish Head & Social Impact Leader: Mariah Calagione; President & CEO: Michael Spillane; V.P. of Product Design, Research & Development: Annette Fritsch; Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer: Diego Reynoso; Chief Legal Officer: Tara Heath; Chief Supply Chain Officer: Phil Hodges; Chief Marketing Officer: Lesya Lysyj; Chief Sales Officer: Michael Crowley; Chief People Officer: Carolyn O’Boyle

Subsidiaries: The Boston Beer Company, Twisted Tea Brewing Company, Hard Seltzer
Beverage Company, Angry Orchard Cider Company, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Dogfish Head Distilling Co., Angel City Brewing Company, Coney Island Brewing Company, Green Rebel Brewing Co., Truly Distilling Co.

Brands: Angel City, Angry Orchard, Coney Island, Dogfish Head, Samuel Adams, Twisted Tea, Truly

Product Areas: Beer, Canned Cocktails, Hard Seltzers, Ciders 

Plant Locations: Boston, Mass.; Breinigsville, Pa.; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Milton, Del.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Walden, N.Y.