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Material Transfer: Bulk Bag Filler With Gain-In-Weight Scale And Densification System

Feb. 23, 2017
The unit features a gain-in-weight carbon steel scale system with a 10,000 pound capacity.
Bulk and Powder Handling

Bulk Bag Conditioning System Loosens Agglomerated Materials

Nov. 15, 2016
The 8211-MC bulk bag conditioning system uses hydraulically actuated pivoting conditioning arms to return agglomerated materials to a free-flowing state.
Bulk and Powder Handling

Material Transfer Bulk Bag System Uses Patented Conditioning System

Aug. 31, 2016
The patented system utilizes hydraulically actuated, twin heavy wall tubular stainless steel pivoting conditioning arms.
Bulk and Powder Handling

Hydraulic Container Dumper Delivers From Height of 81 Inches

June 17, 2016
The stainless steel unit from Material Transfer can be customized for any size or weight container.
Equipment Products

Bulk Bag Discharging System Offers Product Efficiency

Feb. 15, 2016
Material Transfer's Flo-Master features an integral hoist, monorail, and the Spider-Lift bag lifting frame.
Equipment Products

Custom Bulk Bag Discharger Includes Hoist

Jan. 15, 2016
Material Transfer's patented system features robust construction, with a 4-inch and 6-inch square steel structural tube main frame.
Equipment Products

Powerfill Bulk Bag Filling System Offers Ergonomic Positioning

Jan. 15, 2016
Material Transfer's filling system features a Power-Lift system for powered fill head height adjustment and an Easy-Load rotary bag hanger system.
Equipment Products

Material Transfer Bulk Bag Discharger Integrates Into Existing Processes

Oct. 21, 2015
The unit features dual electric chain hoists, bag lifting frames, and a bulk bag massaging system to promote material flow.
Equipment Products

Hydraulic Container Dumper Discharges 81 Inches Above Floor Level

Sept. 17, 2015
The stainless steel units from Material Transfer are custom designed for your requirements.
Equipment Products

Material Transfer Offers Hydraulic Drum Dumper

July 7, 2015
Safely invert drums and empty materials into an existing process with the Hydraulic Lift & Seal System. The system docks the drum to a gasketed pour cone for dust-tight operation...

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Bulk and Powder Handling

Bulk Bag Discharging System Features a Forklift With Adjustable Frame

March 18, 2014
The portable Material Master Bulk Bag Discharging system features a fork-lift loaded bulk bag lifting frame with adjustable height upper frame.