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Form, Fill, Seal

Servo Layer Cake System from Unifiller Automates Layer Cake Filling

Nov. 16, 2020
The Servo layer cake system is intended for industrial bakeries looking to automate the filling of layer cakes.
Equipment Products

Unifiller Launches Rotary Piston Depositor

Dec. 15, 2016
The machine provides an efficient solution for portion depositing and spreading layers of soft, self levelling batters, creams and fillings.
Fluid Handling

Unfiller Introduces Compact iPump

Oct. 27, 2016
The company, which supplies portioning equipment, launched its latest machine at the International Baking Industry Expo.

Unifiller Single Piston Cake Batter Depositor Built for Large-Scale Bakers

Aug. 19, 2014
Unifiller's cake batter depositor is designed to be a user-friendly, easy-to-maintain option for bakers.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Unifiller Introduces Deco-Bot Robotic Decorator

Nov. 8, 2013
Unifiller Systems has developed a new robotic decorating and finishing system called the Deco-Bot.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Unifiller Introduces Multi-Piston Depositor

April 12, 2013
The Multi-Piston Depositor, a heavy duty stainless steel industrial depositor from Unifiller, is ideal for all sorts of volume depositing.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Cross Functional iSpot Can Be Used for Targetted Depositing

Dec. 17, 2012
Unifiller's iSpot Depositor can be used on various products including batter, fillings, mouse, icing and sauces.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Cookie Dough Depositor Allows for Fast and Easy Dough Extrusion

Aug. 28, 2012
Unifiller's depositor includes integrated conveyor, parchment paper feed, 75lb hopper capacity and the ability to cut cleanly through inclusions.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Multi-Piston Depositor From Unifiller Can Be Used for Numerous Items

Aug. 2, 2012
The versatile machine includes a 16 gallon removable hopper that can help food processors with their safety and sanitation efforts.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Unifiller Offers Depositors for Mexican Food Production

May 18, 2012
Depositors can be used in Mexican food production for the portioning of fillings and sauces for burritos, taquitos and empanadas.