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399 Jefferson Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: 973-541-6620

Executives: Chrmn: Roger Deromedi; CEO: Mark A. Clouse; EVP & CFO: Craig Steeneck; EVP & President Boulder Business Unit: Michael Barkley; Chief Commercial Officer: Mark Schiller; EVP and Chief Customer Officer: Chris Boever; EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer: Mary Beth DeNooyer; EVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer: Mike Wittman; EVP and General Counsel: M. Kelley Maggs

Parent Firm: Public.

Brands: Armour, Aunt Jemima, Bernstein's, Birds Eye, Brooks, C&W, Celeste, Comstock, Duncan Hines, Earth Balance, Erin's El Restaurante, Evol, Gardein, Glutino, Hungry-Man, Husman's, Lender's, Log Cabin, McKenzie's, Mrs. Butterworth's, Mrs. Paul's, Nalley, Open Pit, Smart Balance, Snyder of Berlin, Swanson, Tim's, Udi's, Van de Kamp's, Vlasic, Voila!, Western, Wilderness, Wish-Bone

Manufacturing and warehouse facilities:
Darien, Wis. (frozen vegetables and complete bagged meals, 747,900 square feet)
Ft. Madison, Iowa (canned meat, grocery, 478,000 square feet)
Imlay City, Mich. (Pickles, peppers, relish, grocery, 461,000 square feet)
Fayetteville, Ark. (Frozen dinners and entrées, 390,000 sq. ft.)
Fennville, Mich. (Fruit toppings and fillings, grocery, 328,000 square feet)
Jackson, Tenn. (Frozen breakfast, frozen pizza, frozen prepared seafood, 324,300 square feet)
Waseca, Minn. (Frozen vegetables, 290,000 square feet)
St. Elmo, Ill. (Syrup, barbecue sauce, grocery 252,000 square feet)
Mattoon, Ill. (Bagels, frozen breakfast, 212,000 square feet)
Berlin, Pa. (Snack foods, 180,000 square feet)
Algona, Wash. (Snack Foods)
Denver (Udi's)
Hagerstown, Md. (Gardein)
Richmond, BC (Gardein)
Laval, Québec (Glutino)
Centralia, Ill. (Duncan Hines)

Major Product Areas: Misc. groceries


Products & Press Releases

New Food Products

Boulder Brands Rolls Out Plant-Based Skillet Meals

May 23, 2018
Gardein Skillet Meals are a line of frozen vegan meal solutions that marry Gardein’s signature meatless meats with a variety of crisp vegetables, grains and pastas in flavorful...
Fruits and Vegetables

Pinnacle Foods Introduces Birds Eye Veggie Farm-fresh Pasta

Dec. 6, 2017
The Birds Eye Brand now offers a pasta variety made from non-starchy vegetables.
New Food Products

Duncan Hines Introduces Mini Cakes

Sept. 1, 2015
Duncan Hines Perfect Size offers consumers a baking option to make a cake sized to serve two to four people, allowing special desserts to be everyday desserts.
New Food Products

Aunt Jemima Lil' Griddles Made For Little Hands And Small Appetites

April 19, 2013
The bite-sized Lil' Griddles breakfast line includes Blueberry Mini Pancakes, Original Mini Pancakes and Cinnamon French Toast Sticks.
New Food Products

A Peck of Pickles From Vlasic

Aug. 20, 2012
With no artificial coloring or flavoring, and no corn syrup, they deliver a great tasting pickle with authentic flavor and maximum crunch.
New Food Products

Mrs. Paul's and Van de Kamp's Take The Guesswork Out Of Cooking Seafood

March 27, 2012
Mrs. Paul's and Van de Kamp's debut ParchmentBake tilapia fillets in a unique parchment bag, which locks in flavor and moisture.
New Food Products

Pinnacle Foods Rolls Out Mango Habanero-flavored Hawaiian Kettle Chips

Feb. 28, 2012
The chips' fiery habanero pepper flavor includes hints of Mango.
New Food Products

Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips Use Traditional Polynesian Recipe

May 25, 2011
Pinnacle Foods' Specialty Foods Division introduces Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips and Hawaiian Snack Rings nationally.
New Food Products

Pub Favorites Available At Home For Hungry Men

Sept. 2, 2010
Hungry-Man Frozen Dinners and Entrées, a Pinnacle Foods Group company, introduces Hungry-Man Pub Favorites, pub-inspired meals for an on-the-go lifestyle.
New Food Products

All Natural Pancake Syrup From Log Cabin

June 30, 2010
Log Cabin Syrup launches the first nationally distributed natural syrup.

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Mrs. Paul's Sticks Get Kids Hooked On Fish

Nov. 16, 2009
Kids can be finicky eaters, and getting them to eat fish can be a challenge. Forget minced fish is the mantra for Mountain Lakes, N.J.-based Pinnacle Foods Group LLC. To that ...