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1 Ocean Spray Drive; Lakeville-Middleboro, MA 02349
www.oceanspray.com, www.oceanspray.coop

Executives: Pres/CEO: Tom Hayes; CFO: Daniel Cunha; Chief Commercial Officer & USA General Mgr: Monisha Dabek; Chief Commercial Officer & International & Ingredients General Mgr: Celina Li; Chief HR: Sarah Evans; SVP-R&D and Sustainability: Katy Galle; SVP, General Counsel & Corp. Secy: Joe Harrington; Chief Digital & Technology Officer: Jamie Head; Chief Supply Chain Officer: Earl Larson; VP-Grower Relations: Jeff LaFleur

Brands: Craisins, Cran Energy, Craveology, Growing Goodness, Ocean Spray, Wave

Products: Beverages, Fruits, Snacks

Plants: Henderson, Nevada; Sulphur Springs, Texas; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Kenosha, Wisconsin


Products & Press Releases

Fruits and Vegetables

Ocean Spray Modernizes Cranberry Juice

Nov. 15, 2017
The agricultural cooperative has been busy rolling out new cranberry juice products.
New Food Products

PACt Cranberry Extract Water Kicks Off The Next Generation Of Ocean Spray Products

Oct. 15, 2015
The shelf-stable beverage contains PACs, or proanthocyanidins.
New Food Products

Ocean Spray combines fruit and veggies in its new Ocean Spray Fruit & Veggie Juice

July 28, 2010
Ocean Spray rolls out its first Ocean Spray Fruit & Veggie Juice in two varieties.
Ocean Spray
New Food Products

Sugar-Free Drink Mixes Offer On-the-go Nutrition

Jan. 28, 2009
With the launch of its Sugar-Free Drink Mixes, Lakeville-Middleboro, Mass.-based Ocean Spray makes it easier to keep diet resolutions by offering nutritious, deliciously flavored...