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Equipment Products

Custom Built ASME Tanks Serve a Wide Range of Applications

May 19, 2017
The tanks, from Charles Ross and Son, are designed for full vacuum up to 10 psig internal pressure at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
Equipment Products

Charles Ross & Son Co. Releases Portable High-Shear Mixing System

Dec. 14, 2016
The system is designed for powder dispersion into liquid, emulsification and homogenization in a closed, temperature controlled vessel.
Mixing & Blending

Tumble Blenders Now Include Electromagnetic Brake

Sept. 14, 2016
The Charles Ross & Son Mixers blenders now come standard with motors equipped with an electromagnetic brake.
Equipment Products

Washdown Ribbon Blenders Available In Many Sizes

July 7, 2016
Charles Ross & Son offers washdown-duty ribbon blenders in many standard sizes.
Equipment Products

Multi-Shaft Mixers Designed For Sanitary And High-Purity Applications

April 14, 2016
Charles Ross & Son's VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixers feature customizable agitators, dry-running mechanical seals, full recovery vacuum system, CIP spray nozzles, and touchscreen ...
Equipment Products

Kneader Extruder Shrinks Batch Cycle Time 20 Percent

Feb. 17, 2016
Machine combines mixing and extrusion functions for faster processing than tilt-type kneading equipment.
Equipment Products

Ross SysCon Offers Custom-Designed Control Systems

Dec. 23, 2015
Charles Ross & Son's Ross SysCon subsidiary manufactures UL-rated and CE-marked control systems custom-designed for virtually any industrial process.
Equipment Products

Double Planetary Mixer Offers Cost-Effective Alternative To A Double-Arm Kneader

Sept. 18, 2015
Charles Ross & Son Co.'s Mixer is designed for processing ultra-high viscosity applications.
Equipment Products

Charles Ross Multi-Shaft Mixers Offer Product Uniformity

July 14, 2015
The mixers include an optional special cover equipped with propeller blades to ensure product uniformity during storage and discharge.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Ultra-High Shear Mixer Designed for Disintegrating Large Solid Particles

March 18, 2014
The MegaShear Ultra-High Shear Mixer is designed for homogenizing dispersions and disintegrating large solid particles or droplets suspended in liquid.

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Plant Operations and Engineering

Double Planetary Mixers Available for Heavy-Duty Mixing Of Viscous Formulations

Dec. 16, 2011
Charles Ross & Son Company's 10-gallon Double Planetary Mixer is equipped with the classic rectangular stirrer blades, a vacuum-rated and jacketed mix vessel, tank light, ...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Charles Ross & Son Introduces Patented Ultra-High Shear Mixer

Oct. 19, 2011
Charles Ross & Son's Ross PreMax ultra-high shear mixer features a patented "Delta" rotor/stator assembly which produces a double vortex that draws batch material from both...
Plant Operations and Engineering

Planetary Dual Disperser Mixes High Viscosity Applications

Aug. 23, 2011
Charles Ross & Son Company's newest food processing equipment can be used powerful mixing of high viscosity applications requiring ultra-fine dispersion quality.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Ross SysCon Introduces Line of Explosion-Proof Control Panels

July 18, 2011
Ross SysCon, one of five manufacturing facilities under the Charles Ross & Son group of companies, recently introduced a line of explosion-proof control panels.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Double Planetary Mixers Help Prevent Climb, Improve Efficiency

June 8, 2011
Ross Double Planetary Mixers incorporate design features to help food processors improve the efficiency of high viscosity mixing processes.
Plant Operations and Engineering

Ross Introduces Dual Mixing System

Jan. 25, 2011
Charles Ross & Son Company's new mixing and dispersion system combines a Ross High Shear Mixer and a specially designed PowerMix for use in manufacturing fine dispersions....
Plant Operations and Engineering

Bench-Top High Shear Vacuum Mixer Now Available

Dec. 30, 2010
Charles Ross & Son Co. introduced a new bench-top model of its line of High Shear Rotor/Stator Mixers.