Vacuum And Gas-Flush Sealers Measure And Control Package Sealing Temperatures

May 6, 2010
Setting ideal and long-term vacuum and gas-flush package sealing temperature conditions is now possible with Fuji Impulse’s LOS Series Sealers.
Designed for large-sized packaging applications, the Fuji Impulse LOS Series Sealers features a built-in ONPUL Temperature Control System. The ONPUL controls heating temperatures by measuring them right at the heating element. The ONPUL’s low-profile temperature sensor comes in direct contact with the heater, preventing the temperature from exceeding the preset temperature, and allowing for hours of operation. The vacuum sealing function of the LOS Series Sealers is designed to flush the air inside of the bag and reduce the package volume or for using oxygen scavenger to extend the life of the product. The gas-flush sealing function fills the bag with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, or with carbon dioxide to prevent spoilage or mold growth or to create bacteriostatic or insect-repellent effects. Using the control panel of the LOS, operators can program up to 10 sealing conditions or patterns, including heating temperatures, heating times, cooling temperatures, vacuuming and gas-flushing processes. Available in sealing lengths from 600mm - 1,500mm, LOS Series Sealers are designed for packaging food, general-purpose products, semi-conductor devices, sensitive electronics and a wide range of other products. Fuji Impulse offers a wide selection of sealer variations and options to meet specific sealing needs.

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