Stability Tester Available for Shelf Life Testing of Foods and Flavors

Nov. 10, 2009
The PetroOXY Rapid Oxidation Stability tester from Petrotest Instruments provides manufacturers and others with a powerful new tool for monitoring and control of oxidation stability (aging) of oils, fats, greases and other products, such as proprietary antioxidant and shelf life additives used by food, fragrance and cosmetic industry. Among the key features of the new tester are substantially faster test times, compared with traditional testing methods as well as clear and easily understood test results.  The tester offers excellent repeatability and reproducibility of results along with simple handling procedures, small sample sizes, improved user safety, automatic operation, and simple cleaning procedures. The user friendly PetroOXY is ideal for fast and simple stability spot checks as well as routine monitoring of products.The compact PetroOXY features a small hermetically sealed test chamber in which a 5 ml sample is combined with oxygen at a pressure of 700 kPa (approx. 7 bar) and heated to a temperature of 140°C. These test conditions initiate a very fast aging process, which is measured by a pressure drop within the chamber. The time needed to achieve a fixed pressure drop is directly related to the oxidation stability of the sample.  Test times can be reduced by elevating the test temperature. Other parameters of pressure and temperature can be set individually.