Tile-Clad High Solids Epoxy Resists Mildew

Aug. 5, 2009
Sherwin-Williams has introduced Tile-Clad High Solids Mildew Resistant epoxy, an industrial coating that protects against mildew growth on exterior surfaces where dampness and humidity are areas of concern.Tile-Clad High Solids Mildew Resistant is an excellent choice for areas such as clean rooms, laboratories, institutional kitchens and chemical processing equipment where mildew growth must be guarded against in order to maintain operations.  It can also be utilized in a wide variety of applications where mildew growth may occur, such as water tank exteriors, structural and support steel, power plants, nuclear power facilities, offshore structures and fuel storage tanks, reducing the need for labor-intensive cleaning and the need to re-coat, should mildew damage the finish.Unchecked, mildew growth can require labor-intensive cleaning and eventually damage an exterior coating, shortening its life cycle. New Tile-Clad High Solids Mildew Resistant epoxy builds on Sherwin-Williams’ proven Tile-Clad High Solids epoxy technology to effectively check mildew growth, saving labor and offering extended coating service life on substrates including steel, galvanizing and concrete.A two-package coating, Tile-Clad High Solids Mildew Resistant features a gloss finish and is available in a wide variety of safety colors.

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