Mocha Cappuccino To Go

June 18, 2009

Orlando-based NBI Juiceworks introduces Sun Shower Organic Super Blends Mocha Cappuccino,  loaded with powerful antioxidant vitamins A, E and zinc while delivering a “treat-like” flavor in every bottle.

Each 9.5-oz bottle contains only 170 calories and features the Lifeguard Protection nutritional package which includes: Protein (fuels and repairs muscles and builds strength); vitamin A (antioxidant which helps protect cells by neutralizing free radicals); vitamin E (antioxidant which aids your immune system and helps with the formation of red blood cells); zinc (antioxidant which helps strengthen the immune system and aids in bone and teeth development); organic non-fat milk (contains no cholesterol, saturated fat or trans-fat); calcium (electrolyte which builds strong bones and aids in muscle action); and magnesium (electrolyte which maintains fluid and acid-base balance in the body and aids in muscle action). There are no preservatives, no added sugar and the beverage is low in sodium.

Suggested retail price is $1.99.