Inline Miniature Rotary Batch Mixer Blends, Evacuates and Sanitizes

May 8, 2009

A new Inline Miniature Rotary Batch Mixer gently blends batches up to 5.0 cu ft (142 liters) in parts as small as one per million with complete uniformity in less than three minutes, evacuates the batch with no residual, and can be sanitized rapidly with no tools.

The stainless steel, sanitary unit, Model 700-TH-5-SS, features a stationary inlet and outlet for inline operation, and a rotating drum with proprietary mixing flights that tumble, turn and fold material gently, imparting minimal energy to the batch while rapidly achieving uniformity regardless of disparities in the bulk densities, particle sizes or flow characteristics of batch ingredients.

The mixer is said to be equally efficient across its useable capacity range of 5.0 to 0.25 cu ft (142 to 7.1 liters). Batch weight capacity of 500 lb (226 kg) is standard, with higher capacities optional.

Intended for 3-A and USDA applications as well as industrial applications involving contamination-sensitive materials and/or frequent product changeovers, the unit features internal mixing flights that are spaced for easy access, all-stainless contact surfaces, continuous polished welds having 0.25 in. (6 mm) radii, external removable seals, and a CIP vessel cleaning nozzle.

The mixer can be equipped with a spray line for liquid additions or coatings.