Smooth Closures Are Available in Top Stack and TaperStack Versions

April 22, 2009

Innovative Molding Inc. has expanded its family of smooth closures. Available in “top stack” and TaperStack versions, these closures are stacked into logs, which protects the shape of the closures during shipping and warehousing to improve case utilization. The TaperStack design enables Innovative Molding to reduce the gram weight of the closures while still maintaining structural integrity.

Innovative Molding is the only company that stacks, rather than loose packs, smooth closures into cases. Compared to traditional loose packed closures, “top stack” and TaperStack caps allow 40 to 60% more closures per case and per pallet. This yields a 40 to 60% reduction in packaging materials as well as freight reductions, warehouse space savings and fewer trips to the warehouse during capping operations. The TaperStack closures feature a stacking shelf inside the skirt of the closure that enables caps to nest together. The “top stack” closures feature a ledge on the top of the closure which allows the closures to stack. Customers can choose between “top stack” and TaperStack versions based on closure size and their esthetic preference. The closures are available with various liner innerseals.

To add shelf appeal and maximize branding potential, Innovative Molding can decorate the closures with custom embossing, debossing or printing. Innovative Molding’s smooth closures are available in 33-millimeter, 38-millimeter, 45-millimeter, 48-millimeter, 53-millimeter and 120-millimeter deep skirt.