Label Printer/Applicator Can Apply Labels to Convex, Concave or Flat surfaces

April 7, 2009

Tharo Systems announces the latest addition to its product line of Print and Apply systems: the PA2000t/b Tamp/Blow Label Printer/Applicator.  The PA2000t/b Tamp/Blow is an accessory for Tharo’s H-Series thermal transfer bar code label printers.

The PA2000t/b Tamp/Blow features a smaller footprint, 16.5” wide x 30” long for the H-400 or 19.5” wide x 30” long for the H-600, than other Printer/Applicators, with a remote front panel for easy access, regardless of the orientation of the applicator.  It has an all-metal construction and is made to last with time-tested components. 

With or without a computer attached, the PA2000t/b Tamp/Blow can print and apply labels.  It has the unique ability to apply labels to convex, concave or flat surfaces, on either the top or side of a product.  The adjustable product sensor stops the Tamp Pad between ½” to 2” from the product – from there the label is blown on.