Crispy Bananas Debut in the Snack Aisle

March 20, 2009

Fairfield, N.J.-based Crispy Green introduces Crispy Bananas, the newest addition to its all-natural, innovative line of Crispy Fruit snack food offerings.

Made of 100 percent freeze-dried banana slices, Crispy Bananas are kosher-certified, all-natural snacks that are dairy-and gluten-free and contain no added sugar, preservatives, colors, flavors, fat or cholesterol. Each single-serving size of Crispy Bananas (0.53 oz) contains approximately one-large sliced banana and 2g of dietary fiber with just 13 total carbohydrates.

Suggested retail price is $1.49 for a single serving size and $7.99 for a grab-and-go 6-Pack.