Product Verification System Inspects Solid Dose Nutraceauticals

Feb. 26, 2009

Symetix introduces VeriSym, a new compact high-volume optical inspection system for verifying solid dose pharmaceuticals and nutraceauticals.  Ideal for OTC and regulated softgels and tablets, VeriSym automatically verifies product color, size and shape and removes defects and foreign capsules and tablets (unconfirmed objects) from the product stream.  In half the floorspace of other bulk inspection
systems with similar throughput and resolution, VeriSym assures product quality while reducing labor costs.

In a footprint that is 38 inches (970 mm) wide and 120 inches (3050mm) long, including the vibratory product feeder, VeriSym inspects up to 1,000,000 softgels or tablets per hour.  The system removes virtually all unconfirmed objects and also removes defects such as broken tablets, stained tablets and tablets with missing coating if the coating is a different color than the underlying tablet as well as softgels with air bubbles, stained capsules and misshapen product.

VeriSym can be cleared and cleaned and set-up to handle the next product run in 20 minutes.  Product settings can be stored in memory for quick and easy recall via the icon-based graphical user interface, which resides on a pendant-style touch screen that enables operator-access from either side of the system.  In addition to residing locally, the GUI can be accessed remotely via network or Internet.