Chocolate Comes Out of the Dark

Feb. 19, 2009

With dark chocolate being the newsmaker in the chocolate category, it's easy to forget America remains a nation of milk chocolate lovers. In fact, milk chocolate accounts for a whopping 80 percent of total chocolate sales in the U.S., according to AC Nielsen.

San Francisco-based Ghirardelli Chocolate Co. rolls out natural Ghirardelli Luxe Milk for milk chocolate lovers looking for the ultimate chocolate experience. Ghirardelli controls the entire chocolate-making process -- selecting the cocoa beans, roasting (using proprietary methods) to intensify chocolate taste, refining for velvety smoothness and conching extensively to bring out sophisticated, nuanced flavors.

Ghirardelli Luxe Mix is available in five flavors including: Luxe Milk, pure, natural milk chocolate with a velvety texture; Luxe Milk Hazelnut, natural deep-roasted hazelnuts add crunch and a distinctive, sophisticated flavor; Luxe Milk Almond, milk chocolate with toasted almonds; Luxe Milk Crisp, featuring lightly toasted crisped rice – a grown-up, sophisticated version of everyone's favorite childhood flavors; and Luxe Milk Duet, which melds a layer milk chocolate with a layer of bittersweet dark chocolate.

Suggested retail price for a 2.8-oz. to 3-oz. bar is $2.29.