Packaging Machine Introduced for Fresh-Cut Produce

Jan. 21, 2009

Key Technology introduces the redesigned AVSealer for packaging fresh-cut produce. The redesign AVSealer features a new “true temperature” control and CE mark and is ideal for small to medium size produce packers. This semi-automatic packaging machine heat seals a variety of bag sizes with or without a vacuum and has an optional gas flush cycle to maximize production flexibility and satisfy the demands of a wide range of fresh-cut applications, all on one system.

The AVSealer’s new “true temperature” control assures a consistent sealing temperature to maximize package quality by eliminating “burn through” and seals that don’t hold.  The new temperature control also reduces energy use and allows for faster heat sealing.  Bags up to 18.5 inches (470 mm) wide
can be sealed with the AVSealer at the rate of four to six bags per minute with vacuum and up to eight bags per minute without vacuum.

The AVSealer offers adjustable user programs that set the vacuum pressure, gas flush, heat sealing temperature, and seal time to consistently package a wide range of products including wet and dry lettuce, cut vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs, and other small produce.  The AVSealer can be switched over to handle different products and different bag sizes in seconds with no tools, changeparts, or mechanical adjustments.  Simple controls and adjustable user programs enable operators to be trained to use the AVSealer in minutes.

Designed for ease of use, bags and controls are ergonomically placed for easy operator access – no lifting of a cover, lid, or sealing bar – just push a button and seal the bag.  Special order rack-mounted floor stands are available from Key for one, two, and four machine heads or a single bench