Valspar Flooring

Aug. 29, 2006
Hygienic polyurethane concrete flooring system provides added durability, integrity

Valspar Flooring, a division of Valspar, Inc. introduced its new Flowfresh hygienic polyurethane concrete flooring system.

Specifically designed for operations where both cleanliness and durability play an integral role in employee safety, productivity and product integrity, Flowfresh flooring incorporates a unique blend of performance characteristics, enabling contractors to install it everywhere from heavy industrial sites and warehouses to food and pharmaceutical processing plants.

Flowfresh features long-term resistance to damaging impact, abrasion and aggressive chemicals and can withstand the thermal shock produced from steam or the high-temperature cleaning that floors are routinely subjected to in dairy, beverage, food and pharmaceutical applications.

Flowfresh floors also contain a continually regenerating performance antimicrobial that inhibits growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi. The antimicrobial is dispersed throughout the entire thickness of the floor surface, so additional antimicrobial is released over time as the floor is trafficked and worn. Once the antimicrobial kills the contaminant, it digests the decayed organisms for further protection.

Flowfresh floors have a slip-resistant texture to reduce risk on wet surfaces. For even greater non-slip protection, the systems can be specially finished with a decorative quartz broadcast, and then topped with a clear protective coating that adds safety as well as aesthetic appeal.

Valspar Flowfresh flooring is easy to maintain with a seamless profile and is easy to install due to pre-portioned packaging that allows for simplified, precise job site mixing. Customers can choose from either red or gray flooring, or request specialty colors, all available with a smooth, fine texture or large aggregate surface finish.